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I’m glad you’re not a taxidermist!

Posted by on Oct 2, 2010 in BLOG: The Life Hypnotic | 1 comment

“I’m glad you’re not a taxidermist!”


Bill in full Groucho.

That’s what my husband said last week after I counted him up from a relaxing hypnosis session.

I laughed, because I understood what he meant. As a willing victim of my latest career, he’s benefitted from hypnosis sessions. He lost 30 pounds within the first 6 months of my graduating from the Hypnotherapy Academy in Santa Fe. And sometimes he gets to just relax.  If I’d opted for something else, he wouldn’t have this much fun.

On the other hand, I’m not quite sure how his mind jumped to imagining himself stuffed and mounted — it’s not like I ever even thought of taxidermy. I have no idea where that came from.

But I love the way his mind jumps in ways I can’t predict, even after 20 years together.

Just for the record, I’m also glad I’m not a taxidermist.

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  1. annie moore

    Dear Stephanie,

    Our session to prepare me for the state test for Phlebotomy was a huge sucess. I scored an 84%! The proctor told me that is high. I was thinking when I went into it that I would score higher, but she explained that this test is very difficult and the average score is 70%. Less than 5 students ever received 90%. I was focused ,relaxed and using all the things you suggested in session. I can’t thank you enough for this gift you have shared with me. I will be in to work on some other things after the new year. Happy holidays! Annie

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