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Take the “Halloween Phobia” Quiz

Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Holidays | 3 comments

Hypnosis the easiest, calmest and most controllable way to access the inner mind. Unfortunately, things we experience in heightened emotion also tend to get wedged deep in there.

Vampire Voss

That’s often how phobias begin — a person is in a state of panic and whatever grabs his attention at that moment gets associated with fear.

Test your Halloween spirit by matching the phobia with its trigger:

1) Arachnophobia
2) Blennophobia
3) Claustrophobia
4) Cucurbitophobia
5) Eisoptrophobia
6) Hemophobia
7) Phasmophobia
8) Samhainophobia
9) Triskaidekaphobia
10) Wiccaphobia

These correspond to the FEAR OF:

a) Halloween
b) spiders
c) witches
d) enclosed spaces
e) slime
f) the number 13
g) seeing oneself in a mirror
h) blood
i) ghosts
j) pumpkins


Comment below: if you get them all right without looking anything up, you’ll get a virtual prize and the glory of the game!   Good luck.

Answers posted below.

Keep scrolling.


A little bit farther.


Deeper down.

More relaxed the more you scroll down.

Making it easier for you to think of the answers.


Keep going.


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1) b,      2) e,     3) d,     4) j,     5) g,     6) h,     7) i,     8) a,     9) f,     10) c

How did you do?  For bonus credit, make up a phobia of your own — most use Greek root words, as “phobia” comes from the Greek for fear, but any word can be phobocized, just as any word can be verbed.

For a more serious discussion of anxiety, which can include phobic reactions, visit The new website is not quite finalized, so let me know what information would be helpful and I’ll try to include it as soon as possible.

Happy Samhain!

And I have NO idea why the numeral eight is appearing as an emoticon. Boo!


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  1. Lee Wochner

    What would you call the fear of negative campaigning going on one minute longer? Votophobia?

    • stepvoss

      I’m still struggling with one or two California props. Don’t trust the odd coalitions on either side… perhaps I’m suffering from pseftiphobia.
      (Just made this one up, from the Greek word for liar….)

  2. Lisa S.

    I’m afraid of the internet going down. Would that be “NoNetaPhobia?” Great job on the blog!

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