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Addiction Freedom

People struggling with addiction have for years been pushed in one direction — Now there is a better choice. Stephanie Voss is proud to be a charter member of The Addiction Project, an alternative approach for relapse prevention.

Addiction Freedom is achieved by combining  time honored techniques of hypnotherapy with exciting processes inspired by modern science. The Addiction Project uses our understanding of brain neuroplasticity, mirror neurons and the molecules of emotion to help eliminate problem triggers and create new links to feeling strong, healthy and in control.

Alcohol and opiate users can and do quit, on their own or with medical supervision. After the detox, though, comes a time when they must decide how to proceed. While I have friends and acquaintances who owe their lives to the power of 12-step programs, they are not for everyone. For years I looked for an alternative to offer clients that would incorporate everything I’ve learned about changing brain states. The Addiction Project is still evolving but its very premise is exhilarating: Empowerment rather than surrender, identifying as whole and healthy rather than diseased, creating an identity based in freedom and choice.

Voss Hypnotics has teamed up with inspiring colleague Pierre-Etienne Vannier, also a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and licensed marriage and family therapist Anne Doll to offer an amazing workshop called Addiction Freedom Los Angeles.

This 3-day intensive workshop includes at least 3 group sessions each day. The sessions allow you to tap into the parts of your inner mind where feelings and needs meet to create habits of thought and behavior — so instead of being triggered by outside events, you can choose how you want to respond to life’s challenges.  You also learn a variety of proven techniques to process stress, reinforce motivation and get “in the zone” much more easily.

Now there is another option for people who desperately want to stay healthy and free other than spending thousands of dollars on a standard 30-day stint in rehab facilities offering little more than multiple AA or NA meetings.

Visit Addiction Freedom Los Angeles for workshop dates and more information.

This program is partly inspired by The Addiction Project created by Wendi Friesen.

I personally know people who have ended habits or addictions of many years simply by listening to one of her generic recordings… imagine what a whole program can do for you or your beloved!