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Heal Faster with Hypnosis

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Relaxing hypnosis can support faster healing.

Hypnotherapy can help you strengthen your natural healing ability in three ways.

  1. First, relaxation. Stress is believed to be a factor in roughly 80% of physical ailments and syndromes. Using breathing and other automatic cues, you can move yourself from the fight-or-flight response (the sympathetic nervous system) to the relaxation response, in which the body has a lot more energy to use for healing.
  2. Second, giving the subconscious mind an image or goal can stimulate the Autonomic Nervous System and improve the production of hormones, chemicals and neuro-transmitters involved in healing.
  3. Finally, letting go of fear can reduce pain, by ending what’s known as the Fear, Tension, Pain cycle. (Fear causes muscular tension, which makes injuries worse. To picture how being relaxed can help, just imagine a drunken cowboy falling off a horse in an old Western, or, even better, the marvelous Chinese movie Drunken Master with Jackie Chan.)

Hypnosis before surgery, listening to a recording during surgery and hypnosis or self-hypnosis post-surgery all have been shown to shorten the time of hospital stays and reduce levels of medication needed.

“I’ve recommended hypnotherapy to help ease chronic pain, lessen the side effects of chemotherapy, alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disease, and counteract anxiety and sleep disorders. Hypnotherapy can also be used to improve performance skills, as a form of analgesia or sedation for medical and dental procedures–even to stop hemorrhaging in accident victims. In general, I believe that no condition is out of bounds for trying hypnotherapy on.”
Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. Self Healing: Creating Natural Health for Your Body and Mind

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