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My gift to you at the height of this unusually nasty flu season is this fun musical affirmation to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Listen, enjoy and sing it to yourself every day. Download it if you like, using your browser’s settings.*


After years of catching every cold that came along, I decided to boost my immune system.

I wrote this hypnojingle for myself and sang it every day — then I recorded it. I even made it my ring-tone. Last year, I didn’t get sick at all — and this school-year,  just one cold.

Here’s how it works:

Hypnosis is just one way to plant an idea in the subconscious: we encode and remember things that happen to us during intense emotion or altered states.

We take in ideas that come from authority figures, through repetition or in music. (I’ve met people whose knowledge of grammar is based entirely on the song “Conjunction Junction.”)

We can use the same techniques that advertisers use to program our own minds…

*In Chrome for the Mac, that’s Option Click.