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Hypnosis for Cancer and Chemotherapy

Hypnotherapy can reduce cancer diagnosis anxiety

Hypnosis for cancer treatment support | Stephanie Voss LA Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis can help cancer patients cope with anxiety, fear and the discomfort of treatment.

Cancer can be a frightening disease. Hypnotherapy’s premiere use for cancer patients is to help them be more comfortable with the effects of both the disease and the treatment.

For patients undergoing chemotherapy, expectations can be key — did you know there’s something called “anticipatory nausea” with chemotherapy? Often people throw up just knowing they’re about to get the drugs. With hypnosis, we can change your expectations and increase your body’s ability to tolerate and TARGET the power of chemical treatments. One example is the client who, despite having experienced nausea during each of her three previous bouts with chemo, used hynpnosis to get through her last round with a comfortable gut. She joked about missing the weight-loss effects of the chemo this time, but very much appreciated the simple joy of being able to share meals with friends.

Hypnotherapy can promote healing

In addition to helping with side-effects, hypnotherapy is often used to improve healing. We begin with relaxation, which can improve immune response. Communication with the subconscious, which controls the autonomic nervous system, may also be able to augment the body’s response to particular medication. There is some amazing anecdotal evidence of the power of creative, individual imagery to help direct the body to heal itself. Our goal is to help clients with cancer let go of stress, be physically and mentally comfortable, to tolerate and even thrive on medication, and to use every possible modality to increase their natural healing ability.

We know that the connection between the mind and body is very real. Of course, that does not mean that the mind “caused” your cancer. Too many discussions of mind/body healing seem to suggest that somehow a cancer is “meant” to teach a lesson or is somehow called forth by some psychological need. This notion is ridiculous and offensive. It’s a disease. It’s just doing what it does. However, our minds then do what they do, which is to attribute meaning to everything. And when we use hypnosis to discover, learn from and address whatever meaning the subconscious attaches to the disease, it becomes easier to let it go.

Hypnotherapy is clinically proven to relieve the pain of cancer

Progressive muscle relaxation combined with guided imagery has the potential to promote relief of cancer pain. The techniques appear to produce a relaxation response that may break the pain- muscle-tension-anxiety cycle and facilitate pain relief through a calming effect. One of the benefits is the sense of control this gives patients. Nurs Clin North Am 1995 Dec; 30(4):697-709 (ISSN: 0029-6465): Relaxation and the relief of cancer pain. Sloman R. University of Sydney, Faculty of Nursing, Australia.

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