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Improve Your Golf Game

Hypnosis to Improve Golf Game Lower Handicap | 323-478-1920 | Stephanie Voss LA HypnotherapistWelcome to the modern method of performance enhancement. As the saying goes, “90% of golf is mental. The other 10% is mental.”

Hypnosis for golf, or any sports or performance issue, takes mainly three forms:

We can anchor a sense of confidence and success, that feeling of being in the zone, so you learn to trigger that feeling automatically, just by stepping onto the green.

We can practice techniques of guided imagery and visualization. Studies show that imagining swinging a club triggers responses in the brain and muscles identical to those of actual movement. Because time is remarkably flexible in our imaginations, in half an hour of mental rehearsal you can practice a move 50 times, when it might take much longer in real life. The other advantage to mental rehearsal is that in a visualized practice, you’ve done it 50 times PERFECTLY — whereas in real practice it might be 2 perfect strokes, 30 great ones and 18 you’d rather not embed in your memory.

Finally, if something else is blocking your performance, either an emotional issue or a bad habit, we can use the relaxed state of hypnosis to offer you a better alternative. It’s amazing how many people have an inner thermostat that sets their success level — when they improve in one area, another backslides. Sometimes there’s a part of us that just isn’t ready to move up to the next level. It’s easier to succeed when every part of you is on board the same train — and hypnotherapy can bring that reluctant part along…..

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