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Sleep better with hypnosis

Getting a good night’s sleep is so easy even a child can do it – but as we grow up and our worlds become full of so much more than just eating and sleeping, many of us lose this natural ability.

A single sleepless night can leave us exhausted and cranky. Chronic sleep deprivation can be even more devastating – interfering with the immune system and draining energy and creativity.

Sleep better with hypnosis end insomnia | Stephanie Voss Hypnotherapy Los Angeles (323) 478-1920That’s why so many Americans turn to sleep medications for help – even though they can be habit-forming. In stress-ridden times and towns like Los Angeles, it seems that almost everyone has taken prescription or over-the-counter sleep remedies at one point.

Commonly prescribed drugs for insomnia include Ambien, Lunesta, Rozerem, and Sonata. While they are generally safe for brief use, these medications have been linked with severe allergic reactions and facial swelling in some patients. In rare cases, some people behave very strangely–actually driving, or even preparing and eating food–while asleep when under the influence of these medications.

Sleeplessness is so dreaded that we’re willing to risk medication side effects or addiction. And even when it works perfectly, medication can prevent us from addressing the problems that cause us to have trouble falling or returning to sleep.

“I went to Stephanie early this year for a lifelong condition — a sleep disorder that had me waking up several times every night. Thanks to her, I’m no longer troubled by it and I feel more well-rested and productive than ever. She is a remarkably intuitive and effective hypnotherapist, and someone I recommend without reservation. She helped me enormously, and I’m grateful.”
Lee Wochner Greater Los Angeles, CA

Whether your lack of sleep is caused by racing thoughts, physical tension, stress, and anxiety or by habits that interfere with the process of falling asleep, hypnotherapy may help.

Voss Hypnotics offers Los Angeles area residents a program for better sleep. In just 2-3 sessions you can experience some of the most powerful clinical hypnosis techniques available. You’ll also receive a customized recording to take home. Listening nightly can create a new habit of sleeping well that becomes ingrained in a few short weeks.

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