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Manage Pain with Hypnosis

Whether your pain is mental or physical, hypnotic techniques can reach inside to use your own resources to promote healing.

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Hypnosis can help you learn to manage pain without drugs.

A child running a race can fall, get up and keep running until she whizzes past her rival at the finish line without even noticing the deep scrape on her knee. But when she stops and sees the worry on her dad’s face, suddenly she realizes it’s throbbing. Has that ever happened to you?

Most of us have experiences of somehow, for some reason, instinctively turning off our perception of pain. Most of us have experiences of healing scrapes and bumps. These responses are usually controlled by the part of our mind that is under (sub) consciousness. Doesn’t it make sense to use hypnosis to access the subconscious mind, which regulates our perception of pain?

First, of course, we must be sure the pain is not sending a message that still needs to be heard. An acquaintance recently confessed to running half a marathon with what turned out to be a fractured pelvis. She pushed on past the pain, rather than listening to it. That’s why responsible hypnotherapists make sure the underlying physical issues have been considered first by a doctor before removing pain, which, after all, is designed to signal us for a reason.

Once the green light is given, and there’s no reason to feel the pain, it’s relatively easy to let it go. This can be especially helpful to NA or AA members, people allergic to anesthesia or analgesics or people who just want more control of their physical and mental experience.

Presented by Sarah Smith, the two hour BBC special report below includes discussion and debate about hypnosis for pain control, as well as live and archive examples of the efficacy of hypnosis in a surgical context. The program ends in a live hernia operation being performed under hypnosis with no anesthetic at all.

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