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Sleep Better with Hypnosis

In cities like Los Angeles, it seems nearly everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time. What if you could sleep like a baby, without the risks of medication?

Sleep better with hypnosis end insomnia | Stephanie Voss Hypnotherapy Los Angeles (323) 478-1920Whether your lack of sleep is caused by racing thoughts, physical tension, stress, and anxiety or by habits that interfere with the process of falling asleep, hypnotherapy may help.

Your Voss Hypnotics program for better sleep offers some of the most powerful clinical hypnosis techniques available. You’ll receive a recording to take home. Listening nightly can create a new habit of sleeping well that becomes ingrained in a few short weeks.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Here’s are just a few of the hypnotic techniques that help conquer sleeplessness:

  • Relaxation – Learn the steps that help you relax physically and mentally
  • Positive suggestions – Expecting to get a good night’s sleep is half the battle.
  • Visualization – Create a rich and vivid image of yourself going to sleep easily and deeply
  • Hypno-analysis – Find the hidden motivator that keeps you holding on to sleeplessness – and LET IT GO!
  • Enjoyment – Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to bedtime? To know you can wake up refreshed and relaxed?
  • Creativity – A good night’s sleep allows your highest problem-solving abilities to access your imagination throughout the night.

Most clients find that a 3-session package resolves their insomnia. You’ll also receive Sleep Now, a hypnosis CD designed for bedtime use. Any customization required is also included.

Free Insomnia Consultation

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