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Sports and Performance

Hypnosis for Athletes

Michael Onkels Wins National Cycling Championships | Stephanie Voss Hypnotherapy Los AngelesMental rehearsal, increased motivation, focus and calm attitude are all important aspects of victory in any competition. Hypnotherapy is a great way to take your mental game to a new level. Just ask client and US National Cycling Champion Mike Onkels:


“I have benefited from hypnotherapy for years but Stephanie is by far the best hypnotherapist I’ve ever worked with.

“She has an outstanding ability to understand your primary concerns and does so in a calm, comfortable and yet professional manner.

“Does hypnotherapy work? I just won the U.S. National Cycling championships after working with Stephanie!”

Mike Onkels, Onkels Chiropractic, Burbank, CA

Hypnosis for Performers

Anxiety about standing up in front of a group is one of the most common fears around.

Some people experience the whole range of terror symptoms when asked to speak to a group — it’s the fight or flight response, triggering sweaty palms, shallow breathing, shaky legs.

Other people jump for joy at the chance to teach, entertain or share with a group. Some of them started as nervous as you have been.

If you’d like to embrace a new pattern of thinking and become one of those people who truly love sharing, inspiring and teaching groups, you can–with safe, gentle and relaxing hypnotherapy.

Free Sports and Performance Hypnosis Consultation

Los Angeles Eagle Rock Hypnotherapist Stephanie Voss 323-478-1920If you’re ready to learn how you can improve your performance, either on the playing field or on the stage, contact clinical hypnotherapist Stephanie Voss at (323) 478-1920 to discover how effective hypnotherapy can be for overcoming anxiety, jitters or stagefright.