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Tests and Learning

Hypnosis for Test Anxiety and Better Grades | Stephanie Voss LA Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis can help improve focus for less test anxiety and better grades.

Hypnosis for better grades

Does the thought of taking a test make your heart race and your palms sweat? Are you terrified, even though you’ve studied?

If so, learning to relax may be the most valuable lesson ever.

Here’s the success story of one recent client, who came to me only four days before a formal exam:

“Worry about having to re-take the GREs in just a few days was keeping me up. After our session on test anxiety, I used the “Sleep Now” CD. I slept well despite my young son waking me up three times in the night; every time I woke up, I felt rested.

“I actually increased my math score by almost 200 points thanks to our session. It really helped! ! I had to guess on the last three problems which is not bad especially compared to my last test experience. My verbal score stayed the same but I know I can do better and I will.

“I look forward to having another session with you. I’m a believer in what’s to come. Thank you so much for your help!

Take care.”

— NMS, Los Angeles


I became a hypnotherapist after using the power of the mind-body connection to improve my own life. With your motivation and my skill and compassion, we can accomplish amazing progress with some small, easy steps.

Hypnotherapy can help you relieve test anxiety; it can also be an excellent way to improve your study skills and test-taking strategy.

Would you enjoy life more if your study time were productive and if you could look forward to exam days? Perhaps you’d be satisfied with higher scores? Or the sense of accomplishment from mastering your emotions on a deep and lasting level.

Gain confidence and learn to relax

With modern hypnotic science, we can work together to give you an ability to focus easily and well. Your growing confidence and easy recall will make passing tests easier than ever.

Hypnosis is often associated with relaxation, but its key element is really a super-focused attention and a heightened suggestibility. If you’re deeply focused on the sound of my voice, I may guide you into a profound relaxation experience. If I guide you instead into a state of power and rigidity, you can hold an arm up for an hour and not feel tired.

That power of focus is one of the reasons hypnosis is such a highly successful learning accelerator.

In the Voss Hypnotics accelerated learning program, you use hypnotic techniques to shut out the external world as you are become completely absorbed in your study.

You also gain the enormous power of the subconscious mind — seat of imagination, sensory input , memory and creativity. Accelerated learning involves accessing multiple modalities. It has been said that we remember roughly

* 20% of what we read
* 30% of what we hear
* 40% of what we see
* 50% of what we say
* 60% of what we do
* 90% of what we hear, see, say AND do.

Learn visualization and mental rehearsal to improve text scores

Using traditional hypnotherapy techniques like visualization and mental rehearsal, you can invoke a full sensory experience. A real imaging of a lesson has amazing sticking power. More than 20 years ago, I had a history teacher once who was so good at creating a powerful story that to this day I vividly recall what happened to George Washington’s soldiers crossing the Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. It was cold. The breeze off the river was moist and even colder; the soldiers smelled from weeks without bathing….

You can turn each study session into a 2-3 hour period of maximum efficiency by:

1) Experiencing a profound joy and linking that to learning & confidence and

2) Putting yourself in a state of heightened concentration for 2-3 hours at a time.

You’ll map out what you want to learn, create a multi-mode experience of your subject and return to normal awareness at the chosen time (or if there’s an emergency interruption).

Breathe deeply, relax deeply …. after a few minutes, enter a pleasant hypnotic state and go deeper, deeper still. In a moment, I will count from three down to one. At the number one, go back to a moment in your life when you had just succeeded in learning something new, a moment you feel proud and joyous. Let yourself go and experience with perfect awareness the first event that comes to mind. Riding a bike without training wheels? Winning a game? Writing your name?

In the accelerated learning program, you learn to link this powerful feeling of joy and triumph to the process of learning and of measuring progress. That’s all a test is, after all, a way of measuring progress.

When you approach learning with the same gusto you feel about your most triumphant moments —

When you allow yourself to become absorbed, mentally and physically in your task —

When you learn how to store memories, link them and retrieve them at will —

AND when you create a Circle of Excellence that you can step into whenever you want to feel calm, confident and creative —

You can ace any exam!
In fact, you may look forward to tests and exams, because they trigger such terrific feelings in you.

Schedule your free initial consultation today. Voss Hypnotics offers a 2-session special package for law and medical students. Enjoy some deep relaxation and learn how to focus your own attention during two 90-minute sessions, one on focused attention for studying and the second for bringing the most productive attitude to the exam itself.

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