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Stephanie offers clinical hypnotherapy and wellness coaching worldwide via effective online sessions.

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Tame your pain
Conquer old habits
Improve performance


Stephanie Voss

A natural skeptic, Stephanie came to hypnotherapy after using it herself to lose weight, quit smoking and relieve discomfort.  

She uses her decade+ of training and practice to create a custom experience for each client. The Mind-Body techniques she uses (including hypnosis, mindfulness, NLP, autogenic training and the Trauma Resiliency Model) are all based on helping clients strengthen their own inner resources. 

Stephanie also delights in teaching these to nurses and other medical staff. They often need the stress and pain relief themselves and the number of patients they can help in turn is inspiring. 

"Stephanie Voss is an extremely talented and gifted hypnotherapist who cares deeply about her clients and strives to help those struggling with many types of issues. Her compassionate, warm and deeply comforting personality, mixed with a true commitment for helping others, makes her the best hypnotherapist I have ever gone to."
-Johnny B., Los Angeles

Call 323-478-1920 or click HERE to schedule a free 20-minute phone consult.



Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care.

It's considered a complementary practice because evidence shows

that focused awareness can influence physical and mental experience. 
Doctors often love it when their clients work with Voss Hypnotics

because it helps their patients make positive changes in thought and behavior.

Hypnotherapy from an experienced, well-trained and dedicated hypnotist now available online to anywhere in the world, via Zoom. 
In-person sessions are preferred. For the busy clients who travel or need to be on location, we can mix it up -- scheduling the first session or two in person to create a comfortable relationship and then using online sessions as needed. 

Our new Glendale office is convenient to Pasadena, California and other east-side areas of Los Angeles County, including Burbank, Los Feliz, Atwater, Larchmont and it is often the closest and best option for clients in West Covina, Claremont, etc. 
The Westside office we use on Wednesdays (when Dr. Barry Kendall is seeing patients in Glendale) is convenient to Santa Monica, Westwood, Beverly Hills and the entire west side of Los Angeles. 


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