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Feel free to send a message here; or call 323-478-1920.
I speak personally to every potential client to make sure we're a good fit. 
If you want to avoid phone tag, you may use the "Book your free consultation" button on top to reach the Voss Hypnotics online calendar.

Click on your preferred location for all the groovy details (and a map):

512 E. Wilson Avenue, Suite 314, Glendale, CA 91206

Sessions are available at the convenient and comfortable Voss Wellness Associates office on the following days:





The main Voss Hypnotics office moved in August, 2018 to downtown Glendale between Brand Blvd. and Glendale Ave.

There is one tandem space in the building marked "Voss Wellness Associates." The first car in should be Stephanie's. Feel free to park in either space 17 or 18 if they are empty. If not, the covered lot at Ralph's diagonally across the street is fine as long as you avoid the 15-minute spaces. 


We now have an inviting waiting room. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. You'll be greeted as soon as possible. 

Glendale Office --  Right this way to begin your trance-formation:

520 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, #200, Los Angeles CA 90049

Sessions are available at the lovely Westwood office on 

Westside Wednesdays


This remarkably quiet and lovely office is conveniently located north of Wilshire, next to the 405 freeway near the Veterans' Cemetery and the Getty Museum. 

There's usually plenty of street parking. 

This office has its own waiting room. The name on the directory is Barry Kendall, PsyD., my go-to recommendation for neuro-feedback and psychiatric evaluations. He works a lot with children, families and adolescents and on Wednesdays is one of the Voss Wellness Associates in Glendale. 



Bringing Voss Hypnotics to the Westwood/Santa Monica area:

What you'll need:

A fast internet connection,
a headset with a microphone, and 

a quiet place with minimal


In-person sessions are wonderful because human energy is real and it's nice to connect that way. Also, it's harder to read body language when we can't see each other's whole being.

On the other hand, we can usually set up the client camera so I can observe hands, face and breath and then there is something warm and intimate about having a voice right in your ear guiding you into relaxation.


Some clients prefer this!

Note: I usually use Zoom, the preferred platform for telemedicine. It's free and generally stable. I'll send you an invitation to the website at our appointment time and we'll meet online.


GLOBAL Clients:

Let's stay in touch.... 

Blacksburg, Virginia

Fearful of failing or dropping out, a veterinary student wanted to

overcome test anxiety,
get into the "zone" for studying,

and let go of stress from
competitive classmates... 

-- GRADUATING 2018 !! 

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