Trade Good Habits for Bad

Transform Stress and Anxiety

EliminateTest Anxiety

Heal Relationship Trauma

Create a Peak Performance Zone

Hair twirling, nail biting, thumb-sucking, tooth-grinding, face-picking, shoulder flinching... Sounds like the beginnings of a classic insult line, but it's really the start of a list of 99 problems. If you have one of them... 

Almost every client needs it and almost every client gets it. 

Focusing on the important stuff. 
Mental rehearsal. 

Getting in the zone. 

They say golf is 90 percent mental and the other 10 percent is mental. 
That's true of every sport. No?

We start with stress relief and getting in the study zone.
Learn about State-Dependent Learning.
Practice some key study techniques. 

Increase motivation, confidence, focus, positive self-talk, success. 

What's not to like?

The hypnotic state is considered to encompass two brainwave states:  Alpha and Theta. 
The theta state is basically the creative daydream zone. 
Learn to harness it at will. 

Won't you?

We don't fix normal, but if you're finding it harder than it should be to get over a past relationship and "move on" then we have some great techniques for you. 
And you might improve your relationship with yourself along the way.

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