• Stephanie Voss

Stress for Success? Maybe!

Updated: May 10, 2018

If I come home and someone has broken into my house and is pointing a gun at me, I might throw my hands in the air, open my mouth and scream. You could take a picture of that moment -- and it would look exactly like a snapshot of me on a roller coaster!

Fear Or Excitement?

An interesting article in the New York Times online, February 6, 2013, focuses on research into why some people thrive on stress and competition and others do not:

“Stress turns out to be far more complicated than we’ve assumed, and far more under our control than we imagine. Unlike long-term stress, short-term stress can actually help people perform, and viewing it that way changes its effect. Even for those genetically predisposed to anxiety, the antidote isn’t necessarily less competition — it’s more competition. It just needs to be the right kind.”

While there may be a genetic component to the way individuals handle stress, studies are beginning to prove what hypnotists have known for a long time: re-framing, that is, changing the way we interpret a situation, can actually change the outcome.

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