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    I was battling severe insomnia ..... Stephanie saved me, she literally hypnotized me just enough to ultimately love myself.  The happiness and serenity I feel at night now is monumental! She completely shifted my brain to change the way I think and I will forever be grateful."

- S.S., Los Angeles

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     ... I experienced what would be equivalent to 80 years of daily therapy in one hypnotic session. To know she can help me feel liberated from my mental prison of the past and present is beyond expressive words! I am very straight- forward and strong-willed but I had to surrender to the fact I struggle on a deep subconscious level with feeling powerless.


"Thank you so much Stephanie you are such an amazing and profound healer of the mind. ….What you do for me is priceless and I appreciate you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the power of infinity!!”

-N.S., Sunland, CA

     When Stephanie first suggested I try this approach for chronic pain management & chronic sleep deprivation, I wasn't sure I would be a good candidate. I don't believe that I'm someone who takes suggestions easily.

"I live in NC, so we did our 1st session via video chat. That first night I tried it. I only got as far as the cleansing breath b4 I went to sleep. And sleep I did! ...

"...The miracle continues...heading towards a week of sleep... restorative sleep.

"When you spend a lifetime of chronic pain & multiple surgeries, you try EVERYTHING to avoid Rx's. I feel much more in control of the way I feel. It's very empowering. I think that benefits the healing even more because I feel like I have some say in this and I'm not at the mercy of pain. I'm not at the mercy of nerves. I'm not at the mercy of shattered bones.

"This is by far the best approach I've tried. I believe! Thanks Stephanie!"

--Mitzie Jokich-Feltch, North Carolina (via FaceTime) 2018

"I have benefited from hypnotherapy for years but Stephanie is by far the best hypnotherapist I’ve ever worked with. She has an outstanding ability to understand your primary concerns and does so in a calm, comfortable and yet professional manner.

"Does hypnotherapy work? I just won the U.S. National Cycling championships after working with Stephanie!”

--Mike Onkels, Onkels Chiropractic, Burbank, California

     I needed help with weight management and matters related to general health. I saw the great results Stephanie helped a friend obtain, and decided to give her a call. Within six visits she helped me increase my awareness of my body, my diet, and the amount of exercise I was getting. It’s been four months since my last visit, though I still feel the effects daily. With her help I am now managing my weight and getting more exercise.


"Stephanie is very conscientious and committed to helping her clients. She both sensitive and analytical, and was a great partner helping me identify and address areas of concern. I would work with her again and I recommend her services to anyone interested in hypnosis as a tool for self improvement.”

-- Irene Tsatsos, Art consultant, Pasadena, California


     I am currently a second year medical student. After having taken the MCAT 3 times and building up a phobia of test taking, I took my first USMLE exam and failed. I was devastated — not because I didn’t know the material, but because I was sweating and so stressed out during the test I wasn’t even thinking.


"After coming in for a session with you I was able to study and focus for 3 weeks. I took my USMLE for the second time with no stress at all. I wasn’t sweating my heart wasn’t pounding and my mind was focused. For the first time in a long time I took a test feeling confident in what I know and my abilities. I passed and did very well. I am grateful to you and your help.”

--Carl A., Los Angeles, California

     Like a lot of people, I put on weight when I quit smoking. I wanted to lose it, but I couldn’t make any progress…. It felt like the harder I tried, the less success I had.

"Finally, I realized I needed help and decided to try hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Stephanie’s process is clear and simple. First, she asked me some questions designed to help her figure out what would work best for me. Then, she hypnotized me twice and made a personalized reinforcement CD for me to take home and listen to. Since then, I’ve been eating less and exercising more and I’ve lost 20 pounds. What’s amazing is how effortless it’s been. I don’t feel deprived, or like I’m on a diet – it’s like I’ve somehow managed to get out of my own way.

"Stephanie took the time to find out what I needed, and then designed a custom program just for me. The results are obvious. I’m generally a pretty skeptical person, but Stephanie made me a believer.”

--Bill Krauss, Technology Director, Los Angeles, California


     I always wanted to write but life always got in the way. Since I had a session with Stephanie, I am focused and make writing a priority.

"In fact, I have already written my book proposal and am ready to send it to a literary agent! I would recommend Stephanie to anyone. She is truly a skilled hypnotherapist.”

--Joh Hector, PhD., Psychology Professor, Tucson, Arizona

"I was struggling with insomnia for some time in 2008 that got terribly frustrating (popping awake every 2 hours, taking hours to fall back asleep, etc.). After a consultation and session with Stephanie my problems virtually disappeared. she was very thorough and paid great attention to detail and follow up. I can’t recommend her services enough!”

-- David K., Burbank, California

"I went to Stephanie early this year for a lifelong condition — a sleep disorder that had me waking up several times every night. Thanks to her, I’m no longer troubled  by it and I feel more well-rested and productive than ever. She is a remarkably intuitive and effective hypnotherapist, and someone I recommend without reservation. She helped me enormously, and I’m grateful.”

-- Lee Wochner, Greater Los Angeles, California

 Stephanie Voss is specially trained in medical hypnotherapy, specifically to help clients coping with pain and dealing with IBS and long-term chronic ailments.


Of course, she also helps people with habit/addiction problems like nail-biting, smoking cessation and relapse prevention.

Check out some of the additional reviews on Yelp.


     Thank you so much for the fascinating introduction to Mind-Body Coaching. FYI: the pain has not returned to the back hip bone... amazing!"

--Workshop participant Y.H., Pasadena, California, 2017

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