Getting ready for your visit:

To get the most out of your hypnosis session, follow some or all or the tips below. If you don't have a chance, don't worry -- we will take care of things when you come in. 

Maps and location information are on the "Contact" page.  


Mental Preparation: 

You don't have to be relaxed to be hypnotized, but it's often a pleasant part of the process. 

This is easier when you're not super caffeinated, so skip or reduce the coffee before your session, please. 

Also for your first session, please avoid any recreational or "as needed" medication.  


Before you come in, think a bit about what you'd like to gain from your session. How will you know when you've accomplished your goal? 

If your answer has the word "not" in it, can you think of a positive way to express that?

For example, many people want "no pain" or "not to smoke a cigarette." It can be a lot more helpful to focus on "comfort" or "being smoke-free" than to experience repetitive thoughts containing the things we want to avoid.



We can spend more of our time focused on your individual needs by having the paperwork completed ahead of time. 

If you like, you may print out the two forms below (Client Information and California Disclosure) and either bring them or scan them and return them by email to stephanie [at]

If the client is under 18, please use the client information form below instead:

And if we've discussed getting a form signed by your doctor, here it is: 


If you have any questions or concerns about hypnosis and how it works, you'll enjoy the text and video answers we'll be posting over the next few months on the Frequently Asked Question page.

Thanks to a recent web re-design, that's still under construction as of August, 2018. 

If there's anything you want to know before you come in that isn't covered there or during our initial phone conversation, please feel free to ask by phone or email. 

Some clients prefer a little mystery with their mental magic; others want to know more about the theory and history of the process.  It's up to you!

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